Beginning Friday May 29  at noon there will be an outdoor option for CoDA Meetings.

The Monday and Friday 12:00 meetings will be meeting outdoors at the Monona Serenity Club.
The Monday and Friday 12:00 Zoom meetings will continue as will the Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:30 Zoom meetings.

Outdoor meeting instructions:

We ask that you bring your own chair to the meeting as well as the appropriate literature for that meeting. 
Attendees will not be sharing their literature with others to maintain the Covid-19 safety gUidelines and will be maintaining the 6-foot distance in regards to chair placement.  Since we will not be passing a basket for the 7th tradition or building fund we ask that if you are in a position to donate please drop a check in the safe or cash, We want to make sure that all club expenses continue to be covered. You can also send your donations via Paypal or Venmo to John A as we are currently doing.