The mask requirement is in place until the Dane County mask mandate lapses on 6/2.


In-person meetings are gradually resuming or growing. The meeting room capacities were recently increased to 20 attendees for Rooms 1 & 4 and 15 attendees for Rooms 2 & 3. However, please remember that masks are required AT ALL TIMES in the clubhouse.


All meeting sizes are limited to posted occupancy. Masks are required at all times while in the clubhouse. Outdoor meeting options may be available.


Online Al-Anon meetings available for some regularly scheduled meeting times. For more information contact us at al-anon@mononaserenitygroup.org .


Reminder: We wish to remind everyone that the decision to attend in-person meetings at Monona Serenity is strictly a personal one. Every individual must take responsibility for their own health and welfare and determine whether or not to attend based on their own personal circumstances and preferences. 

The M.A.I.C.O. website at https://aamadisonwi.org/ has information about groups which have moved to on-line meetings. They also have additional information about how to set-up on-line meetings and other resources at https://aamadisonwi.org/important-information/


Monona Serenity clubhouse is still open for meetings. In order for MSG to stay open, everyone attending meetings at the clubhouse must follow the guidance posted about safe practices and pitch in with keeping the clubhouse clean.

The Board of Monona Serenity Group Inc. met twice over the weekend to discuss whether to keep the clubhouse open for meetings. We are trying to balance the need for public safety with the need of many to have access to in person meetings. For the time being, the clubhouse will remain open. However, it is a day-to-day situation and could change without much warning. In order to comply with the latest requirements from the CDC and Madison & Dane County Public Health, the Board requires the following of all meetings held at Monona Serenity:

  • Meeting capacity numbers will be posted on each room. These numbers MUST BE followed. Meetings at capacity must split if there is room available. If not, individuals will have to leave. 
  • Chairs will be spaced 6′ apart in order to comply with the personal distance requirements. Do not bring in additional chairs or move the chairs up to the table if they’re spaced along the wall.
  • DO NOT bring food into the clubhouse to share.
  • Each individual attendee is expected to practice safe behaviors such has hand washing and sanitizing and maintaining appropriate personal distance. This means no hugs or hand holding. Please leave the building immediately after the meeting and limit socializing in the hallways.
  • Leaders should keep the basket at the head of the table and have people drop in donations.
  • Bleach spray and rags are provided in each room. The leader should ask for volunteers to wipe down all high contact surfaces (table tops, chair handles, door handles, coffee pot handles, etc.) both before and after the meeting.
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well. Cover your cough. Clean up after yourselves. 

PLEASE! Failure to follow these rules will result in the club shutting down for the duration. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Monona Serenity Board of Directors March 16, 2020