What is Zoom?

Zoom is a popular Video Conferencing service. The Monona Serenity Group is utilizing this service for remote meetings. The Zoom ID and Password are available either directly on the meeting schedule or by contacting the meeting host. Go to Find a Meeting for a complete listing of all meeting times. The Zoom ID will be listed in the meeting title. The password will appear in the little detail box when you hover your mouse over the listing on your computer or as a hyperlink on your mobile device.

Zoom ID

The Zoom ID links directly to the meeting from the url listed above. Once you navigate to the website on your computer, click the “Join a Meeting” link located on the top right menu. If you are using your mobile device, the link simply says “JOIN”. Here is where you type in the Zoom ID.

Zoom Password

Our meetings require a password. Once you have added the Zoom ID, you will be directed to type in the password.


Look for your Start Video and Mute buttons. They are located to the bottom left on a computer or your mobile device. These features control audio and your appearance in the meeting.

You may also need to download the app from the Zoom website or Google Play.